Study on 'O Magnum Mysterium'
for String Quartet

Just a shimmer of Tomás Luis de Victoria's Renaissance masterwork. Originally a pandemic-era remote-recording project, re-composed to replace electronic effects with live player interactions and real acoustic space. Live premiere May 2022 by the Cecilia Ensemble at the Presidio Chapel, San Francisco.

The Creation

Ovid's vivid creation story in Classical Latin, set for six voices and frame drum with artwork by Simone Ren. Virtual-ensemble premiere streamed June 2021, featuring Kristofer Twadell, soprano 1; Mia Lindberg, soprano 2; Rowan Taymuree, alto; Michael R. Smith, tenor; Brennan Stokes, tenor; Lukáš Janata, bass; and Nasim Gorgani, Persian daf. Music and production S. A. Workman.

Morning Star

Original text and song, premiered by tenor Jonathan Smucker and pianist Monica Chew in May 2022. Production: Zach Miley.


Symphonic meditation on light and water in the San Francisco Bay Area. Music, MIDI programming and production S. A. Workman.

Three Spaces
for Nine Clarinets

Commissioned by the Helia Music Collective and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music Clarinet Ensemble, who premiered the piece in March 2022 at SFCM's Caroline Hume Concert Hall.

for Physically Distanced String Quartet

Written for live remote (separated) players, Airwaves aims to co-opt the unpredictable time delays of online streaming platforms, with sections of loosely defined timing, "follow-the-soloist," and independent meters by player, hoping to invoke even a touch of the windchime's freedom. Premiered by the Friction Quartet over Streamyard in November 2020.