18 December 2021 – Premiere,
Morning Star

New text and song, premiered by tenor Jonathan Smucker and pianist Monica Chew. Production: Zach Miley.

26 June 2021 – Premiere,
Metamorphoses: The Creation

Ovid's vivid creation story in Classical Latin, set for six voices and frame drum, with artwork by Simone Ren. Featuring Kristofer Twadell, soprano 1; Mia Lindberg, soprano 2; Rowan Taymuree, alto; Michael R. Smith, tenor; Brennan Stokes, tenor; Lukáš Janata, bass; and Nasim Gorgani, Persian daf. Music and production: S. A. Workman.

28 November 2020 – Premiere,
Airwaves for Physically Distanced String Quartet

Written for remote performance by the Friction Quartet during the 2020 pandemic, Airwaves aims to co-opt the unpredictable time delays of performance over online platforms such as Streamyard or Zoom with sections of loosely defined timing, "follow-the-soloist," and independent meters by player, in hopes of invoking just a touch of the windchime's freedom.